What Is The Glute Group?

The Glute Group is here to help you grow both you glutes and your mental strength through simple, professional workouts!

60 Smarter & Laura Darby (Loldarbyfit) have come together in collaberation to give you guys the most effective glute development programming for growing strength and aesthetics. 

We have created the ultimate 12-Week glute program with minimal kit required and plenty of alternatives! All you need for this program is yourself (and maybe a glute band!) The program only requires 3 session per week in the Loading Phase, and 2 sessions per week in our Deload Phases.

Our programs have been carefully designed to scale progressive overload, volume, deload and optimal intensity for growth.

All of our programs are delivered through out coaching app! This app allows you to log your sessions and track your progress easily. We also have an extensive library of video demonstrations of the exercises we are asking you to perform so you are never left alone in your training!

If you would like to become a member of the Glute Group and join an amazing community and family just hit the button below and lets get started!