We work with some super stars!

We’re more than just a bunch of people training together – 60 Smarter is a giant family!

“Cracking PTs with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I’ve learned a lot about training and nutrition which enabled me to reduce body fat to 9% whilst maintaining a decent amount of lean mass. Highly recommended!”

“Totally helping me get back in shape as well helping me have a healthier attitude toward food, getting more and more confident with every session!”

“I’ve previously attempted a variety of programs and never got anywhere with them. 60smarter has been the best financial investment I’ve ever done for my health and they simply gave me exactly what I was looking for. I now feel my knowledge on training is better than its ever been. A fantastic learning experience!”

“I had never set foot in a gym before seeing Dan & James, learning how to do back squats and dead-lifts has been amazing for my legs. Love the sessions they’re hard but super fun.”

“Weight management has always been something I struggle with – Dan & James really changed my mindset towards exercise and now I love it!”

“Never did I imagine the day I’d happy with my body, but here I am checking out my gains daily. It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the 60smarter lads. Their knowledge is second to none and their commitment to helping me reach my goal is the answer to my transformation. I haven’t regretted a single second since starting my training with 60smarter- thank you!”

“I went from bodybuilding programs online to proper well rounded structure and will never look back. Cheers lads I appreciate it”

“Dan and James are amazing, going beyond the average PT. I wasn’t a gym newbie but needed to get back into shape. I knew I was in safe and knowledgeable hands from the start. Each session is unique and challenging with support every step of the way. I’ve seen my body shape and strength totally change.”

“Been with James for a number of years and has all been about gradual and sustained improvement and results. Recently James joined with Dan and sessions they provide have really complimented each other. Would definitely recommend.”

“Dan & James literally go above and beyond and have created such a good community of 60 smarter clients! We all help each other out which makes going to the gym and eating healthy so much easier and more fun! Absolutely amazing lads!”

“Knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated PTs. I’d recommend Dan and James to anyone looking to make a change, or just to improve the quality of their workouts.”

“I pretty much started off like most people – bashing classes and getting no where! Once I started resistance training with 60 smarter I could’nt believe the effect it had on my physique!”

“Training with you guys has given me motivation to get back to the gym. I’ve found a massive difference in the few weeks I’ve been training with you and I really enjoy working out again”

“I couldn’t recommend these two enough! I had been training for over a year but wasn’t really getting the results I was hoping for, just wish I had joined up sooner! Their support and work ethic is amazing and they definitely know their stuff!!”

“The biggest takeaway for me was the huge change in my mental state. I achieved the most amazing physical results, but the improvement to my mental health has been incredible”.

“Can’t believe the progress I’ve made in such a short time. Dan and James make your fitness and training their business and real motivation to achieve more. Made me completely rethink how to workout and the importance of diet and exercise, not one or the other.”

“Training with 60smarter has been an amazing experience! I’ve developed my knowledge on all the relevant science within the fitness industry. They taught me a lot about misleading information out there, and I know have more confidence than I’ve ever had before! Highly recommend these guys for an informative & fun experience with guaranteed results”

“60 smarter have completely changed my attitude towards training and nutrition. Following their program has helped me achieve more results in the past few months training with these guys than in the 4 years I was training on my own. Their support and knowledge is amazing, and they care so much about all of their clients.”

“So happy with the results to date! Love working the 2 day split James set up, it really focuses on core movements whilst keep that high level intensity. My cardiovascular fitness has also noteably improved. I have been able to build lean mass and keep the body fat % down”

“I had never been in a gym before training with James, two months in and its changed every aspect of my life. I feel stronger, fitter and happier 💪.” 

“”Dan and James have a unique offering in strength, nutrition fitness coaching & sport massage which keeps me injury free! I wasn’t new to training, but 60 Smarter got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in!”

Dan and James are great PTs. The pair look after you with your whole fitness journey. They have done so much for me in regards to my training and nutrition. I’m so pleased with my progress and there is so much more to come and I’m glad I’m in right hands

Spent a year with these two and I’m stronger and fitter then I ever thought possible. They motivate you, educate you, go above and beyond for you and make you feel comfortable ever single session.

What can I say about this fantastic team. They have so much knowledge and enthusiasm for their trade. They are constantly pushing themselves to learn even more to give the best possible service possible to their clients.