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Eat vegetables and/or fruit with each meal.

Many plant-based eaters still don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. As a plant-based eater, 50 to 70% of your total food intake should come from fruits and veggies.


Because eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits will provide every micronutrient except vitamins B-12 and D. In addition to being great sources of
nutrients, vegetables and fruits are alkaline once digested and absorbed in the body.

This helps to counteract the acidity of legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. Balancing your acid/base load can preserve muscle mass and promote bone health. If you are struggling to get enough veggies and fruits in each day, as many people do, greens supplements can be helpful.

Try adding greens powder to a Super Shake.

But don’t take the lazy way out.

Instead, start by upping the fruit and veggie intake. To this end, we always encourage clients to keep several bags of frazen vegetables and truits at home. They can serve as backup when the fresh supply is low.

Now, get ready, because we’re about to share with you the most important vegetable/fruit tip ever.



Don’t leave them full of dirt, stuffed in the back of your fridge behind the box of wine. Or even worse, un-purchased at the farmers market or supermarket.

Vegetables are great plain, cooked, raw, with hummus, steamed, roasted, in large salads, in wraps, in
Soups, in stir-fries, in scrambles and added to shakes. Fruits are fantastic plain, with nuts, with nut butters, added to whole grains or blended in shakes.

Whole vegetables and fruits are always preferable to the dried and juiced varieties.

But you’re not going to eat those fruits and veggies if you don’t have them and haven’t prepared them for consumption. Keep them on-hand and ready to go at all times!

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