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Barbell back squats have to be one of the best exercises you could perform to develop both physical and mental fortitude & strength.

Personally one of my favourite exercises I’d like to share with you all the ULTIMATE pre squat routine to make sure you’re mobile & activated.

Step #1 Raise Pulse.

  • Before we even begin mobilising or activating lets get started with some easy cardio. The purpose behind this is to promote blood flow to the joints and raise your core temperature. Never miss this step out! I recommend 5 minutes of low intensity steady state cardio. You could do a 5 minute hill walk, a 5 minute cycle or 5 minutes on the cross trainer!

Step #2 Activate.

  • Once our heart rate is elevated its time to move into some activation based exercises. Most commonly, glute activation is going to prove most beneficial pre squats due to it being the power house of the lower body but mostly neglected by folks. Here is a great but simple glute activation circuit to perform before you get squatting.

2 Rounds, 45s No Breaks

  • A1) Seated Banded Abductions.
  • A2) Banded Squats.
  • A3) Banded Glute Bridges.
  • A4) Banded Lateral Walks.

Step #3 Mobilise.

  • Now that our heart rate is up, we have activated our glutes its time to mobilise the joint area to help us achieve a greater range of motion and prevent injury in our squats. I quite often throw in some trigger pointing of my glutes, QL & hip flexors at this point. But for today I just want to run through super effective but simple mobilisation circuit you can do.

1 Round 60s each exercise

  • A1) Squat & Reach
  • A2) Lunge Into Warrior
  • A3) Walkout Into Spiderman
  • A4) Down dog Into Cobra

Step #4 Potentiate.

  • Here we are at the final phase of our warmup. The definition of potentiate states “To increase the power, effect, or likelihood of something.”. To translate this into our squat workout We need to do some warm up sets with the Olympic bar before starting work sets. Make sure throughout this entire warm-up structure you treat each sets as if the weight is a one repetition max weight.

Here is a structure I recommend.

  • Set #1 – Empty Bar 20 Reps
  • Set #2 – 30% 1RM 10 Reps
  • Set #3 – 40% 1RM 3 Reps
  • Set #4 – 50% 1RM 3 Reps
  • Set #5 – 60% 1Rm 3 Reps

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